PJ's Angelic Resources - Colon Hydrotherapy and Pam's Daily Colon Scrub

Single Session - $95.00
3 Sessions - $275.00 ($10.00 savings)
6 Sessions - $545.00 ($25.00 savings)
12 Sessions - $1,040.00 ($100.00 savings)
15 Sessions - $1,222.00 ($203.00 savings)

1 HOUR SESSION - $50.00
1/2 HOUR SESSION - $25.00

** Per office policy there are absolutely NO refunds on packages.
Those of you who have a package and wish to gift it to someone else, there will be an additional $20.00 intake fee for the new client.

PJ's Angelic Resources was created as an oasis for your body. We offer Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna,and Nutritional Coaching.
We believe that "Life is a gift! Your body temple is amazing and deserves to be treasured and nurtured."
Customer Testimonial:
Words can not express how much Pam and Colon Hydrotherapy have changed my life! After suffering for years with digestive problems I finally gave Colon Hydrotherapy a shot. I could not have made a better choice then choosing PJ's Angelic Resources! Pam is so compassionate and caring. She really works hard, with you, to make you feel better.
Since going through my sessions I can honestly say I feel like a new person!!! I love Pam and my Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. I wish I would have taken the steps to do this along time ago! Thank you so much for everything!

PJ's Angelic Resources
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Phone: 253.941.5200
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Email: pamelasangelicresources@gmail.com

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